What is this?

Being a leader can be tough. There is no manual or cheat sheet for the challenges you will experience. No matter industry, experience, or team size, this is a place for real talk, real advice, and actionable tips to become a better leader and hopefully expand your network.

Here you can expect to get:

  • Replays of Live discussions that happen every Saturday on Clubhouse

  • Key takeaways from discussions

  • Helpful resources to continue your leadership journey

Who are the hosts?

Kelly White

Leader | Magic Maker | Storyteller | Public Speaker | Woman in Tech | Gamer | Mindful Mystic

The common thread in my life has been curiosity. I have constantly sought knowledge, experience, and adventure. This led me to a love of travel, innovation in technology, storytelling in all formats, as well as continuously redefining my 14-year career at The Walt Disney Company. It's a continuous journey, not a destination.

I could talk all day about:

  • Storytelling & Pop culture (Marvel, Star Wars, Video Games, Music)  

  • Self Discovery & Growth  

  • Travel  

  • Coffee  

  • Digital & Technology trends  

  • Leadership: how to become a better one and help others 

Tamara White

Nurse | Leader | Coach

As a seasoned leader, I am passionate about helping others manifest a life of balance and purpose. I love to meet people, discover who they are at the core and get excited when they share what puts fire in their belly. I have weathered the black eyes and bloody noses of corporate politics and believe we can enhance our leadership influence and contribution by identifying and honoring our values and purpose. It is then that we can authentically and intentionally lead without compromising who we are.

A little more about me:

  • Nurse by trade

  • Naturopathic Medicine - finding healthy by addressing the root of the symptom

  • Healthy and active lifestyle

  • Great Danes are the Greatest

  • Meditation - centered and present

  • Daily gratitude - focus on the positive and appreciate the little things

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Kelly White

I embrace the journey: always learning, experiencing life versus reading about it, following what brings me joy. It's really that simple.

Tamara White

Enjoy helping people find their passion & purpose both professionally & personally. Proponent of daily practice, investing in self, enhancing authentic leadership without compromising who we are or those we serve.